Arim-Inc Aggregates Showcased in Four NTMA 2018 Honor Award Winners

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With the announcement of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association’s 2018 Honor Award winners on April 25, 2018, terrazzo aggregate manufacturer and distributor Arim-Inc has found itself once again in the terrazzo spotlight. The New Jersey-based company was an aggregate supplier for four Honor Award Winners, which are selected by a panel of terrazzo experts for their intricacy, beauty, and creativity, bringing the total number of Honor Award winners utilizing Arim-Inc’s aggregates to 13 over the past four years.

The types of buildings where the award-winning terrazzo installations were performed—an airport, museum, school, and a resort hotel—reflect the premium that architects and designers place upon terrazzo’s treasured qualities of longevity and low maintenance costs, as well as its ability to transform functional areas into artistic showcases.

Terrazzo - 2018 NTMA Honor Award Winner

At the Museum of the America Revolution in Philadelphia, a $120-million tribute to the story of our nation’s founding, that opened in April 2017, the terrazzo installation by Yorie Tile & Terrazzo of Allentown, PA almost literally takes center stage: a series of thirteen interlocking circles, each inscribed with the name of one of the original thirteen colonies, form a “Chain of States” that encircles a glass-enclosed copy of the Declaration of Independence.  Arim-Inc. was the sole aggregate supplier for Yorie’s on-site terrazzo work, the terrazzo used for the museum’s elliptical staircase was precast.

Terrazzo - 2018 NTMA Honor Award WinnerArim,-Inc’s well-deserved reputation for the incredible color palette represented by its various types of aggregates made it an excellent source for the terrazzo installation done by DePaoli Mosaic Company of Canton, MA at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School. Some 10,000 square feet of terrazzo are featured in the $92-million project, with eight colors employed to form three distinct color schemes that subtly merge in the lobby to form a cheerful pattern of madras plaid.

Terrazzo - 2018 NTMA Honor Award WinnerTerrazzo is renowned for its use in creating complex logos and intricate designs, both of which are on full display at the Louisville International Airport. Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company of Louisville used nearly three dozen shades of epoxy terrazzo and over 30,000 feet of divider strip to craft images that convey the rich history of the city, from barrels of bourbon and baseball bats to horseshoes and a jockey. Indeed, the terrazzo flooring, found throughout the concourses and in the airside rotunda, has been called the “crown jewel” of the airport’s $8.5 million upgrade.

For its terrazzo installation at the Opal Sands in Clearwater Beach, Florida, terrazzo contractor Steward- Mellon Company partnered with the hotel’s design team to carefully choose the five colors that would be used to create circular patterns that evoke the feeling of ocean expanses while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. In all, nearly forty samples were pored over before the final selections were made.

“We congratulate our contractor partners whose works were recognized with NTMA Honor Awards, and we consider it a privilege that we were able to provide them with aggregates used in these high-profile terrazzo installations,” says Nilgun Bandari, founder and owner of Arim-Inc. “No matter the size of the job, Arim-Inc is committed to providing contractors with high-quality aggregates and to lend them our technical expertise whenever we can.”

To see the complete list of the 2018 NTMA Honor Award winners, visit the Honors Award section of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association’s Web site.

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