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Terrazzo Sample Kit, Terrazzo Aggregates Sample Kit, Arim Aggregates, Arim-IncThere are few elements in design that are more subjective—or more important—than the use of color. Color creates the mood of a project. Every color says something different, and combinations can alter that impression further. A color that can evoke one reaction in one person may evoke the opposite reaction in another.

For terrazzo contractors whose reputations depend not only on the quality of their installation but also the quality of the components, being able to see the rainbow-like array of Arim-Inc.’s aggregates made it much easier to make a call and place a large order. Indeed, the company’s samples kit—which features a breathtaking 56 samples of marble, glass, mother-of-pearl, and crushed stone aggregates, as well as garden rocks—is considered the industry standard.

Just ask David Roberson, CEO of the David Allen Company in Raleigh, NC. “Arim’s samples kit is without question the finest in the industry,” says Roberson. “It gives you an excellent idea of just how broad a color palette their aggregates can create, which is pretty much unrivaled by other manufacturers and suppliers.”

Terrazzo Sample Kit, Terrazzo Aggregates Sample Kit, Arim Aggregates, Arim-IncRoberson first became familiar with Arim, Inc. during a terrazzo installation at a WaWa convenience store in the Northeast in the late 2000s; Arim’s location in New Jersey made it an attractive option because shipping costs are an unavoidable factor in aggregate costs to contractors. The flawless installation using Arim’s aggregates meant he would keep them in mind for future projects, but it was Arim’s samples kit that made him aware that the relatively new company offered aggregates in just about every color imaginable.

Terrazzo Sample Kit, Terrazzo Aggregates Sample Kit, Arim Aggregates, Arim-IncAnd while the issue of color may be a secondary consideration for some terrazzo installations, for others it’s a deal breaker or maker, especially for clients whose logo or emblems are an inextricable part of the corporate or community identity. Consider the case of WaWa: it wound up signing an agreement with Arim-Inc. to provide aggregates for the terrazzo flooring in all its stores based on that samples kit.

A civil engineer and formerly one of the six engineers involved in the JFK Airport American Airlines project, Nilgun Bandari, founder of Arim-Inc. knew firsthand the value of a samples kit. One of her first steps at Arim was to develop a kit that would showcase her high-quality products and be convenient and simple to use by architects, designers, contractors, and epoxy manufacturers.  

“When we introduced our sample kit,” Bandari says, “it created a real buzz in the industry. All of our customers say it is the best chip kit ever.”

Terrazzo Sample Kit, Terrazzo Aggregates Sample Kit, Arim Aggregates, Arim-IncShe explained that traditional samples kits consisted of a plastic box with 12-24 compartments. “That simply wasn’t enough, so everyone had multiple individual boxes. Our kit includes our most popular marble, mother of pearl, and glass aggregates carefully organized in a binder which fits easily on a bookshelf which makes it extremely convenient and easy to use.”

To ensure the quality and value of the kit, Arim has a full-time employee who only prepares samples kits.

“We wanted to make sure that when a customer opens a kit, they have every aggregate they need for whatever they are using it for.”

Industry professionals can request a free sample kit or 5 lb bag of any of Arim’s 112 exceptional aggregates by filling the online request form at or by calling 201.645.1814.

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That’s a good question… one that we are always happy to answer! Below are some of the many attributes that make Arim, Inc. your best choice for high-quality aggregates.


Our customer service reps have the knowledge and industry expertise needed to assist you.


Arim, Inc’s strength is to manufacture and supply for high volume, fast paced projects with ease.


We supply aggregates to customers both in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world.


Arim, Inc. products are produced with the latest technologies in crushing, and dust/moisture control.

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