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Art Stone Mosaics

Art Stone Mosaics

We produce mosaics, which are used on the floor and walls from the time of Rome to our present day, as 100% handmade, using old and natural methods. In our mosaics, we use every color of natural stone everywhere in the world. From historical mosaics to Flowery tables, from 3D mosaics to mosaic carpets, from wall paintings to portraits, we have a wide range of products.

Organizations & Associations

As a WBE, Arim is proud to be part of the following organizations and associations.

Why Arim?

That’s a good question… one that we are always happy to answer! Below are some of the many attributes that make Arim, Inc. your best choice for high-quality aggregates.


Our customer service reps have the knowledge and industry expertise needed to assist you.


Arim, Inc’s strength is to manufacture and supply for high volume, fast paced projects with ease.


We supply aggregates to customers both in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world.


Arim, Inc. products are produced with the latest technologies in crushing, and dust/moisture control.

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