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Versatile and Attractive

Terrazzo is the ideal flooring substance, combining durability with sensational appearance.

Its hard surface allows it to hold its integrity and design even when placed in high traffic areas. Terrazzo is also versatile enough to take on any design. It can be molded into any shape, come in any color, and include additives, such as glass, shells, and stone, that give it a beautiful, lustrous shine that cannot be achieved with any other flooring material.

Terrazzo is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors and under a wide variety of conditions. Since there are several different types of terrazzo flooring, depending on the materials and methods used, it’s essential to select the one that is right for your project.


With 2000 year old terrazzo floors still in existence, there is no doubt that terrazzo is the most durable floor you can achieve.

Stone is a hard material that is naturally shock-absorbent. Unfortunately, in large sheets or sections, it can become brittle, especially following exposure to the elements and heavy wear. Terrazzo combines stone’s benefits with the elasticity of softer, long-lasting materials like epoxies, polyacrylates, and resins. While forward-thinking aesthetic appeal, comfort, and ease of maintenance are certainly among its positive features, terrazzo’s endurance is what really draws people in.

Ancient terrazzo floors created centuries ago still stand in many buildings throughout Europe, the middle east and far east. Today’s epoxy terrazzo floors are even more durable and can often be expected to outlast the life of the building in which they are installed. Whatever your needs, terrazzo floors can be designed to last a lifetime.

Archaeologists believe to have discovered terrazzo in ancient ruins in Turkey dating back to 10,000 B.C.E.

Infinite Design Possibilities

Any color, any design, terrazzo lets your floor be your canvas.

Practical or aesthetically-pleasing, minimalist or ornate – the floor pattern you are dreaming of can be yours through the use of terrazzo. The unlimited color range and materials used to make terrazzo floors set the tone, whether it is bold, calm, modern or aristocratic. Choose among mother-of-pearl, marble, recycled glass and even crushed glass. Name the sentiment that you want to illustrate through your floor pattern – terrazzo can be used to achieve it. The tiles and molded terrazzo shapes will create any realistic or dreamy visual that will enhance the interior design of any venue.

Terrazzo’s easy designability makes it the perfect flooring for customized applications. Hospitals can use their flooring design to incorporate directions that help patients and staff get around effortlessly or to create animated, playful floors to brighten children’s units. Corporate lobbies can offer vibrant, rich designs as well. Facilities use terrazzo floors to emphasize their heritage, corporate history, and the values that regulate functioning and affect their professional appearance. Name the sentiment that you want to illustrate through your floor pattern – terrazzo can be used to achieve it.

Sanitary and Low Maintenance

Terrazzo’s smooth flat surface makes clean-up a breeze.

Floors collect a lot of dirt after long hours of being walked over by shoes which have themselves traveled miles. Floor cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life, but lowering the amount of work such cleaning takes is simple. Terrazzo’s divider strip design completely eliminates grout joints and leaves no place for dirt and dust to hide. Solid flooring keeps dirt moving, and lightweight dust and even heavier debris can be easily brushed aside. Stains and spills, an ever-present threat for carpets, are no match for terrazzo. Cleaning up is simple, a mop or regular floor cleaner should do since terrazzo is impermeable to contaminants. Microbes that feed off common contaminants and thrive on many floor treatments find themselves utterly homeless in terrazzo environments. Patrons of modern offices, retail centers, and health care facilities shouldn’t have to deal with a germ-filled environment. Floor sanitation is of extreme concern in places frequented by large numbers of people. Local sanitation rules aside, common allergens can make a business unbearable, and dirt often renders a place unappealing. Help those who visit you feel welcome by creating a warm locale that doesn’t collect dirt.

In addition to being firmly non-absorbent, terrazzo is chemically neutral. Its use in laboratories, factories, and industrial manufacturing plants is as natural as its inclusion at various facilities where bio-hazard handling is routine. Volatile substances and biological contaminants are both stain-causers and unsanitary. Because many floors are made of materials that can be damaged by these substances while absorbing them, post-accident cleanup is a nightmare. Terrazzo flooring makes cleanup fast and routine, ensuring that strict regulatory codes and practices can be adhered to flawlessly.

Using stone and other hard materials suspended in a supportive matrix of elastic epoxies or resilient resins has convenient advantages. Seamless terrazzo installations with perfect fitting increase the simplicity of buildings whose floors cost a maintenance staff time and money. Try terrazzo today. After your emergency clean-up routine becomes just as easy as your regular mess-handling methods, you’ll understand exactly why so many builders use it.

The Green Factor

Durable, low maintenance and filled with recycled materials,
terrazzo will help you go green.

In recent years the construction industry has begun to focus on the environmental impact of many construction materials. The evaluation of products in the “green movement” encompasses many elements, which must be weighed on a scale of relative importance. These elements include the longevity of the material, the composition, maintenance, recycled content, embodied energy, and the “cradle-to-grave” environmental impact. Sustainability is the core of green construction. Terrazzo floors have an outstanding record of durability and performance dating back over a thousand years. Both cement and thin-set epoxy terrazzo floors have extremely low maintenance costs. Annual stripping and resealing can utilize environmentally friendly water-based products.

Routine maintenance includes dry and damp mopping with an occasional spray buffing. In comparison, carpet requires energy-intensive daily vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning.

Terrazzo is composed of naturally occurring aggregates, recycled glass or plastic, and processed cement or epoxy binders. Terrazzo has long been valued for its life cycle characteristics: low maintenance, durability, and indoor air quality – with recycled content being an additional attractive feature. Terrazzo aggregates, binders, and finished flooring systems can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) credits, under the LEED-NC rating system, version 2.2.

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